• Charles Odeny

Acacia Holidays- January Newsletter


From airlines expanding their destinations to governments introducing e-Visas while improving infrastructure, Africa can’t wait to host you this year.

Statistics have shown a steady incline in of visitors and we are prepared to cater for you.

2018 will allow travelers to opt for multi-destination safaris thanks to an increase in regional and trans-Africa flights.

Visitors can also look forward to conservation-oriented and active animal experiences like black rhino tracking in Namibia, gorilla trekking and walking/biking/horseback-riding safaris.

Transformational travel will be huge: Transformative travel and isolation travel are going to be hot trends in 2018. Travelers in the luxury segment will be looking for untouched and remote holiday locations.

As part of the transformational trend, travelers will continue to look for authentic experiences in 2018 with the luxury of exclusivity and unique, authentic experiences as opposed to opulent, over-the-top accommodations.

People today want to be forever changed by their trip, and they are increasingly finding that Africa is the perfect place to do this. Most travelers who have been touched by Africa will always yearn to return.

Millennial travelers will want active holidays with a wow factor: All travelers, but especially millennials, will want to be active and be wowed on a trip to Africa in 2018.

Active safari choices have always been popular, but the increase in the number of millennial travelers has seen this trend really take off.

The younger generation wants experiences, such as whitewater rafting and bungee jumping. Or they want to take part in tribal ceremonies, such as walking with a Bushman elder as he points out unique of the flora/fauna or even participating with Masaai ladies designing their beaded creations.

Multi-generational travel continues to grow: Safaris will continue to grow in 2018 as an appealing multi-generational travel. Parents and grandparents are keen to show and teach their children and grandchildren about the wildlife in Africa and expose them to new cultures. This trend has resulted in a rush by safari operators to build family units in recent years to keep up with the demand.

Out-of-the ordinary and multi-destinations will be an important trend: The new year will see travelers opting for multi-destination safaris thanks to an increase in regional and trans-Africa flights. It's much easier to get a cultural experience in southern Africa and include a safari in East Africa in one trip. This is due to the advent of a larger network of flight options where, within a few hours, guests are transported to another area of the continent."

Experts have the knowledge to present itineraries, putting pieces together to form an unforgettable experience and reviving the importance of travel planners and industry experts alike.

A shift away from hands-on animal experiences: In 2018, travelers will continue to gravitate to conservation-oriented and active animal experiences like black rhino tracking in Namibia, gorilla trekking and walking/biking/horseback-riding safaris."

Sustainability will become increasingly important in a rapidly changing world. Visitors want to know that their journey is part of the solution... not the problem and appreciate the conservation and responsible tourism. Other exciting initiatives include a game census in Kenya, elephant collaring in South Africa, rhino darting in South Africa and protecting lions in Zimbabwe.


Acacia Holidays is pleased to introduce our new Small Group Departures for 2018. Limited to just eighteen travelers, these itineraries in East and Southern Africa are an excellent way to experience the excitement of a safari with fellow adventurers. Enjoy the same personalized service, amenities, and luxury accommodations as our custom departures. Available now on our Kenya, Tanzania, and Southern Africa programs. You can book a group tour with the help of our representative here.



It was 150 years ago that David Livingstone became the first white man to look upon Victoria Falls, inspiring him to say that "scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight". As you retrace some of his steps through the jungle on the banks of the Mighty Zambezi River in game drives, bush walks and canoe safaris, you get a new perspective of this wilderness filled with modern luxury.

Enjoy a sunset cruise on the river, fish its waters and the peak of the trip awaits you at the Victoria Falls.

A new itinerary for southern Africa going through Zambia into Zimbabwe in eight days. view the detailed itinerary here.


Each year the Serengeti host hundreds of thousands of animals during the migration. By late January and early February, perhaps the greatest spectacle of the Serengeti takes place with the wildebeest calving season. The breeding and calving season sees literally tens of thousands of young wildebeests foals born by the end of the season with hundreds if not thousands born daily. The calving season sees the area buzzing with wildlife activity as many other animals, the predators and scavengers alike engage in a rare feast of easily attainable placentas and poor young ones that stray from their mothers. There truly is nothing that compares to seeing a baby wildebeest take off running just minutes after being born.

To experience this, you can contact our representative who can piece up a Tanzania Tour with the calving season for you.